Going To Ipperwash Beach

In today’s world of technology sometimes it is good to find somewhere to relax and unwind life can be difficult and confusing. Because of this we’ve decided to write this article to guide on your trip

It’s important to decide what you want. to see and do, what are your needs when you travel somewhere.  Knowing this will help  the decision you make in which kind of motel you and your family would be happy in.

Escape to Village Inn


How  will you remember your trip?  What kind of people will you meet?  What sort of place is Ravenswood ?

I can tell you it is magical when you arrive here you will notice that the atmosphere is different you have arrived in a very special place, any one who has ever come here can’t get over how different it is.

Sail Away to Jays Fish&Chips

The sunsets are the best in all of Ontario and the weather is also very sunny and warm especially considering the lake effect and the precise location.



You will also need to decide for yourself and that means making the decision to come to Ravenswood and see for your self just how special the place really is.




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  1. Great Area to visit l went to the town of Forest which is about 5 minutes from Village Inn Motel and Diner and also worth the visit is Rock Glen Falls which is just 12 minutes away

    Staff here are very friendly here and the accommodation is excellent will be back to explore more
    Geraldine Finley

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