Going Somewhere



Are you going somewhere, now is the time to stop and evaluate what is important and where you are headed.

Take stock of everything that is around you. We are talking about your career choice what ever job you find your self in. Is because of a choice you have made. Do you belong there?.

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Getting Noticed

“Get noticed – Get promoted”

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – and, indeed, what they
themselves know. A few percent increase in the quality, quantity or
thoroughness of your work can take a lot of effort. This is time that
could be used to rub shoulders with those who have the power to
promote you and whose opinion of you counts.
I’m not saying you should creep and smarm, but there are two
particular advantages in this.

1. You gain information and you “create” luck for yourself.

You stand a better chance of being in the right place at the right time
and of discovering the difference that will make a difference to
your prospects; that one piece of information that can open
doors for you.
2. You will gain in professionalism.

Look at it from their point of view. Number 4 tells us that the more senior the manager, the more political they are. Do they take time out to tell you what a great person you are?

That you’re doing a great job? Or to grill you on the details of the work? No. They are only interested with their own progression. You do the work and they take it to show their bosses just how great they are at getting things done.

So the more work you take on, the better your boss will appear in
their boss’ eyes. A few tips on avoiding the graft are given in

3. To also appear like a good promotional prospect
– Get in early and leave on time. Staying late rarely gets you
noticed. But being there before others certainly does. You use this
time to work on the stuff that will advance your career – or even
your personal stuff.

– When the boss walks in, have something significant to ask, to
suggest or to comment about. Show keen interest and
understanding.- Request training. But you must give sound reasons, including an aim; i.e. what you intend to do with your new knowledge for the good of the company and, in particular, your boss.

– Gain general knowledge of your company’s operations outside of
your own field or area, including the people. Getting promoted will
mean a wider remit, so you will need to know more about a
broader range of issues. The more you already know, the lower
the risk to the managers in promoting you.

 In a nutshell, if you want to be promoted you have to start
behaving like you already have been. Then it will become obvious to
others what sort of material you really are.

Wealthy Yet

Are You Wealthy Yet?
Here’s a real simple way to become wealthy.

Marty and his wife live at home with their 2 children. They own
a 3 bedroom house in a middle class neighborhood and try to live
within their means. Marty works full time in the Printing
Industry, while his wife is in charge of the home and looking
after the children.

They’ve accumulated some credit card debt and have 2 years left
on a car loan. They try to stay out of debt as much as possible
and together they’ve managed to contribute a total of $32,000 to
their own Retirement Fund. It is kept in term deposits receiving
5% interest annually.

Two years prior, the couple bought an older house that they
fixed-up and rent out for $850 a month. After paying the
mortgage and taxes $300 is left over each month. This goes into
their savings account each month.

At Christmas, the family bought themselves a new computer and
decided to start a home-based business. Things started out
fairly slowly but after 8 months they were receiving a steady
check of $400 a month which also goes into their savings
account. This part-time business will continue to grow with the
effort they dedicate to it.

This business also offers them some very lucrative tax savings.
By taking advantage of these Tax Strategies they are able to
save an additional $300 a month on tax that was normally
deducted from Marty’s paycheck at work. This monthly income is
also added to the couple’s savings.

Marty has just begun writing an E-book about his “production
expertise” at work. His plan is to market this book on the
internet for profit

Every Sunday the couple takes a drive to stay familiar with the
Real Estate market in their area. They’re looking for another
property, a “handyman’s special” to fix-up and rent out. They
have saved enough for a down payment and their credit with the
bank is well established.

The family’s total monthly expenses are $2000. Now, here’s the

Does Marty’s family have Wealth yet?

To answer this question properly you first have to understand
exactly what “wealth” means.You achieve wealth when: *Your
Passive Income is the same or greater than your Expenses.* So
what does this mean?

First, what is Passive Income?

Passive Income is money that you are paid over and over again
for work that you only do once. (This excludes using a gun or
finding cash on the street) Some examples of this would be
royalties for writing a book or a song, commissions that you
receive for sales that others make and interest from bank
savings or dividends on stocks/options that you own.

Second, what Expenses are we talking about? This one’s a little
easier to understand. Expenses are the total amount it takes to
run your household and your life. This includes, rent, mortgage
payments, car insurance, food, credit card and loan payments,

Let’s look at Marty’s family a little closer…………. Does Marty
have any Passive Income? Yes he does. Marty’s salary is not
considered Passive Income. That’s because he has to work 40
hours a week just to get the basic amount. If Marty doesn’t go
to work then he doesn’t get paid. His overtime also doesn’t
count as Passive Income.

The interest from their Retirement Fund does though. It’s paid
to him month after month as long as it’s left in that account.
So, $32,000 at 5% is $1600 a year. Divided by 12 months equals
$133 a month in interest. Ok…..what else?

After the mortgage and expenses are paid with the rent money
they receive on their rental property they are left with $300
every month. This is Passive Income. Just as long as the tenant
stays and pays his monthly rent.

How bout that $400 from the home-based business and the Tax
savings. Is this Passive Income? Well, Marty’s wife made sure
that she chose a company where she could sign new business
accounts and get paid commissions on those accounts over and
over again. They’ve made a 5 year commitment to build this
business part-time. So yes, both the $400 and the $300 in Tax
Savings would apply as Passive Income. Let’s add up Marty’s
total Passive Income.

Interest $166.00 Rental Income $300.00 Home Based
Business$400.00 Tax Savings $300.00 Total $1166.00

Not including Marty’s salary from work, his family’s Passive
Income is $1166.00. Not bad. Every month this amount flows into
the family’s bank account, regardless of anything else they do.

We said that Marty’s monthly expenses total $2000.00 a month.
And we also said………… You have Wealth when: *Your Passive Income
is the same or greater than your Expenses.*

$2000 Expenses subtract $1166 Passive Income = $834 monthly
balance needed to have Wealth.

Marty’s Expenses are still more than their Passive Income so
they’re not wealthy just yet. But they’re well over half-way
there. With this kind of knowledge a family can know exactly
where to focus their financial attention.

Maybe when Marty writes that ebook he could get some sales and
royalties from it. Also the new Real Estate and more work on
their Home-based business would certainly help them to attain
more Passive Income. Once Marty’s Passive Income is more than
the family’s Expenses then Marty could start to have much more
freedom. He may even choose to quit his job and continue
developing his Passive Income streams.

Take a look at your own finances. What are your monthly
expenses? Do you have more Passive Income than your Expenses? If
you do Congratulations. You’re Wealthy!!! If you don’t. It’s
time to get started and start adding Passive Income from other
areas as soon as possible.

When you truly understand this principle, you’ll be well on your
way to becoming wealthy

Success in Business

20 Small Business Tips, For Success
These are just some general tips to keep in mind as you design/operate your small business:1. Take the time out to explore and understand whether or not you are compatible with running our own business. Some people are just plain happier and better off financially on the other end of the paycheck.

2.Get your personal finances in order. Before you jump into the entrepreneurship world, get your own money matters squared away.

3. Pick your niche. Many small business owners succeed in businesses that are hardly unique or innovative. Take stock of your skills, interests, and employment history to select the business that is best suited for you.

4. Benefit from your business plan. The exercise of creating a business plan is what pays the dividends. Answer the tough questions now before the meter starts running.

5. Do not think you need bankers and investors at the outset of your business. The vast majority of small businesses are bootstrapped.

6. Acquire the proper background. In the early months and years of your business, you will have to acquire many skills. Gain the background you need to oversee all facets of your business well, but determine what tasks you should outsource or hire employees.

7. Remember that nothing happens until a sale is made – How many good products go nowhere because they do not reach the shelves? Sales drive your business. You will need a good marketing plan to sell your product or service.

8. You have to see a customer to know one. N o matter how busy you are, spend at least 25% of your time with customers. You cannot make the proper business decision without understanding their viewpoint.

9. Solve your customers’ problems. The best way to satisfy your customers is not by selling them products but by giving solutions to their problems. There is a big difference.

10.Quality takes minutes to lose but years to regain. Quality is not a destination, it is a never ending journey. After you have strayed from quality’s path, your journey maybe sidetracked forever.

11. Put profitability first, rewards seconds. In small businesses, profitability must come first. Find out how to measure your cash flow and understand key financial ratios.

12. Hire supporters. If you intend to create a growing business, your number one duty is to assemble a great team of employees.

13. Do not do it alone. Find such help from small business peers, a mentor, even trade associations. They can help take some of the trial and error of beginning your business.
14. Vendors are partners too! Treat your vendors like customers and watch your partnership grow.

15. Make use of benefits. Understand how to provide insurance and other benefits for your employees and cut your tax bill at the same time.

16. Ignore regulatory issues at your peril. Federal, state, and local governments require licenses, registrations, and permits. Obey them or face losing your business.

17. Know the tax laws. Invest in understanding tax issues that affect your small business.

18. It’s the people! Whatever happens to a small business happens at the hands of the people who work for it. The evolution of the business is a result of their efforts.

19. Fast, good, cheap. Pick any two. Serious trouble awaits those who attempt to be all three in the market place. Stick with what you do best.

20. Develop a passion for learning. As your business grows, you need to change and grow along with it. One common denominator can be found in all successful business owners and that is a passion for learning.

Importance Of Technology Changes In Business Computing
The importance of keeping up with changes in business computing and technology can be more important over time as your business grows. As and an IT professional far too often I have seen many small businesses get way too far behind in computing technology and wonder why they should pay for the upgrades. Usually I have to explain to them the hard way that the current computers system that are over 4 years old are not going to perform the requested task very well and are not supported by software. Usually do to combination of software changes and incompatibility with older software and hardware platforms that cause issues. I explain that it actually will cost them more money in the long run to try and maintain there existing computer equipment then buy a new replacement.

Most small businesses fail to recognize that keep computer equipment very long periods actually can cost them more money to maintain those systems then the price of a replacement. One cost is the amount if money you pay out for replacement parts when there is no warranty on the old device. If the computer, server or printer is made by a specific manufacture then there is a good chance that you will have to go back to them for certain parts which can be very costly. Another problem is that they actually don’t make replacement parts for broke unit, this is a worse case issue I have seen although sometimes you might find a vendor that makes similar parts and hopefully it fits properly and works properly but not always.

Another disadvantage is if your business is operating on older slower computer equipment that takes a long process customer request and this might open the door for your competition to take your clients away from you but offering better service. If your competition is reinvesting in there business computing and technology changes then most likely they will have the ability to complete products and request faster and at a cheaper rate. The advance technology will cost you money upfront but if the proper equipment is purchased and utilized in office it can add to your over all business.

Some of benefits can include lower power requirements for the devices, more storage capacity for computer files, improved CPU along with memory speeding up processes run on the computer, faster and higher quality documents from new printers. Less down time and less delays in completion of customer request. These are just a few of the benefits of keeping up with technology in your business.

I know that some of you are say that this is easier said then done and in some cases that is very true depending on your current business. But as a small business or home office you should plan for these events after all that is what large companies do and you should follow the same lead. Your business should have at least a basic IT business computing plan that has budget plan and cycling out of computer and office equipment. By having budget and plan in place it should not impact your business finance as much since you set planed ahead. The IT business computer plan should have some flexibility after all you don’t want to do a complete equipment change in the middle of a big job or shutdown your business at the wrong time. And if your business in booming and you don’t have them time then hiring a temp IT professional to help with computing change which might not be a bad idea.

Investing in the proper technology is the key to success it does not matter if you have established small business, home office or if you’re a new startup business. Remember that your business most likely will change over time along with the clients you are serving so your computing equipment should also.

In conclusion business computing when done right can truly add to your business by adding to productivity and efficiency of the day to day operations and can help you take on more clients and over all help you build your business.

Hopefully this article has been informative and helpful to you. If you’re looking for more Business computing information and solutions then be sure to check our website listed below.

Business Failures

Avoiding Home Business Failures
It’s been said that 80% of all small business dies within the first 3 years. And the rest are somehow struggling along with meager revenues. Only a handful is successful. Home based business has an even shorter lifespan. Every enthusiastic home based venture starts out with a big promise, a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

However at the first signs of trouble or a slow take off the people become panicky. Having been accustomed to regular pay check, when the money does not roll in week after week and the bank balance hits the low digits, there is a sense of panic and the exciting home business gets trashed.

My own experience tells me this happens just when you are through with organizing, setting up and the difficult transition period of reaching out to the customers, you decide to wind up the business in favor of a job.

Now here are a few tips to persevere and make a success of your home business.

Plan in advance your finances for running your family for a minimum period of 6 months.

Plan every aspect of your business – right from creating the product to final shipments – on paper. Don’t leave out anything. This is what is called a business plan. Make it elaborate and group each aspect under a heading and subheading.

Home workers need to set a disciplined work schedule. Having no bosses around or compulsions of commuting may make you take things easy and relaxed. At least for the first 6 month work as if you are in employment and put in the required hours. You can relax and cut down on working hours when you start earning enough.

Don’t procrastinate or put things off for tomorrow. Action is one major ingredient for success. If you need to do something do it today. Do it now.

It is essential to keep your motivation high. Read about the success of other small business and home business owners and learn what they did right. Duplicating someone else who has succeeded makes it easy to succeed yourself.

You may suddenly find yourself alone without the social support of colleagues and friends. Even persons you considered your best friends may avoid you if they feel you are in trouble. That is OK. You get to know who’s who in times of adversity. Learn to depend on yourself than outside support.

Be prepared to take the temporary pain and denials. Robert Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ fame and his wife slept in their car for a few months and lived in a basement of a friends house for many more months to achieve what they set out – their financial freedom.

Believe in yourself and keep going even if the going gets tough. The rewards far outweigh the pains and temporary sufferings. Remember the darkest hour is just before the dawn breaks out and sun rises.


Fixing a Need

What Are you Going To Do About It?

On a serious note, there are now people making thousands of dollars a month running their pages on Squidoo. That’s almost enough to be a full time job for a curious person with the generosity to share useful information.

Another idea is to connect teams to each other.How much money is on the table when a company employs ten people in three separte offices on a quest to launch a major new product in record time?

The question, then, is why wouldn’t they be willing to spend a little more to hire a team professional like you?.

Someone to manage Basecamp and conference calls and scheduling and document source control to be sure the right people have the right information at the right time…

I don’t think most organizations can hire someone to do this full time, but I bet this is a great specialty for someone who is good at it.

New Ways New Ideas

Think of an Need and Plant a Seed

One of the best ways of making money today is to Connect information
seekers with revilent information.

On a large scale, this is what Bloomberg did to make his fortune. He kept spending money on a terminal that guaranteed its user at least a fifteen minute head start on people who wanted to play the market.

Now consider how many micro markets where this connection doesn’t occur. therefore the Bloomberg terminal became an instant sucess.

Then there is Michael Cader who offered the same idea to book publishers and does quite well.

You need to think of what industry needs you to channel, collect and connect.