Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery On Your Credit Cards

When dealing with credit cards it is better, No I mean preferable as soon as possible to stop using them. You need to make a public announcement to your family and friends that you no longer will have any credit cards ever again.

You can expect them to be highly annoyed and it will be like someone died in your family they will receive this news with indifference, and may make  comments such as he’s being out in the sun too long.

How can anyone survive without a credit card, surely there must be some law against it, and on and on they will go. This shoulkd be good news to your ears after all consider what all your broke friends are saying and do the opposite and you will be well on your way to getting out of debt.


Cutting the feeding chain.

You need to be courageous and loook towards the future get those sissors out and just keep cutting up those cards, I know you will feel like some serial killer who went completely  wacho and is completely out of control, but tell your self the truth YOU REALLY NEED TO GET PLASTIC SURGERY.

You will feel better once it is done, somehow through all the guilt and shame you have set yourself free. Free from the burden of getting that monthly Visa,American express or Mastercard statement with all those pages explaining whatyou spent what points you have( Big Deal) and there at the bottom what your new balance is, What! you scream I did’nt spend THAT MUCH!

Just think no more anticipation, no more worrying did I pay that last month?. Why are they charging me this amount of interest. You have freed yourself . You are free to go and play and dance and swing somehow the sun feels brighter and the trees and grass look greener.

Your old broke friends will talk about you. He finally went over the edge, Yes the stress was too much No more points for him, he is now on the outside, he is no longer one of the privileged ones.


What happens if he ever wants to book a hotel room, or buy something on-line another will say. What happens if theres an emergency or they only take a credit card he is screwed, I feel sorry for him. He just won’t be able to survive.

But you are not concerned you just smile and look as crazy as you can. They will even whisper to each other look can’t you tell he just had plastic surgery look at the way the smiles all the time and how relaxed and easy going he is it just not natural.

All the time you are looking at this foolish group and thinking It’s a petty they never went to their banks and instisted on getting a Credit Visa Card.

No hidden charges, and you can use it like a normal Visa card except that you don’t get those nasty new balances each month. It  just comes straight out of your account.

Easy as pie. Then you begin to learn about the lie that you will be alone , homeless have no friends and he deeply depressed because you are credit card free, and here you are six months later and you are not only still alive ,but you feel less burdened. and carefree.


As matter of fact you truly feel happy, like a great weight or burden has been lifted from you.

Then you begin to realize tha in fact it is true you CAN survive without a credit card. So you and others are postive proof that it can be done. You remembered how they got you hooked on credit in the first place.

It was 4 weeks to your graduation from college and they gave you the good news ” You have been selected and are highly privileged because you are a graduation student this will entitle you to 60 days credit free and just to show you how much we care  we have  given you a line of credit  your new balance is $5000 ( Five Thousand Dollars) Use it on whatever you like you deserve it!.

If you only knew then what you know now

Why did I fall for that line you and everyone else including all their pets got the message. You are NOT one of chosen  few ,one selected special ones it was all a lie. Yet years later you remained loyal to them ,after all it was your first love I mean first credit card.

How hard would it be to give up.

But you did it you had the guts to make the hard choices in lfe, you managed to crawl your way out of debt.

It was not easy, you cried a lot and complained but it was worth it, now you are determine to remain debt free.

You are an example to the millions of others who are chained to their many credit cards, you have turned off the mega ads from large credit companies, that want you to remain hooked into paying them high interest rates and fees.

Victory is yours.


Living Debt Free

There I was recently walking a long the beach looking across the calming waves of Lake Superior, Ontario Canada and enjoying the fresh breeze that blew in refreshing all its recent visitors on this hot summers day.

My friend remarked that there was gold discovered on the beaches here back in the 70s appartently a small solid piece of gold was discovered as someone not much differnt from me ,just happened to be in the right place at the right time. There is  Gold here, and ever since people have been talking about finding their treasure of gold ever since.

It is amazing what great lengths of trouble people are willing to encounter just to discover a hidden treasure, whatever they need to endure.

Yet There are proven ways to have money and save money without all the false beliefs of instant wealth that many are still searching for today.
It is called a vision living working towards an attainable goal of becoming debt free. A time when you can live the type of life you want by removing the constant burden of owning others money that you obtained from easy lending terms that harness you to their ( Large Banking Corporations) terms of agreement, that become harder to break as the debt wears on.

Living debt free is the realization that you are the one with the money the choice is yours to be wise and knowledgable in what works and what does’nt. All you have to do is live by a few simple rules and then after you have mastered them then you can move on to next steps.

By applying these next steps your wealth will increase in steady increments. The whole idea is not to get overly focused on the next steps but to continue to apply what you have learnt to get you started. Below you will find the first steps to making this a reality in your life.

1: Save at least $1200 dollars Emergency fund
2: List all your debts from the smallest to the largest
3: Start to pay off the smallest debts first before moving on to the next one.
4: Look at your expenses and start reducing what you don’t need, this is the hardest step as you will need to seriously ask yourseft what you can do without.

By applying this step now this will give you the ability to move faster to the next steps and you can start to eliminate some expenses that are in fact keeping you from moving up the ladder of financial success.

The goal that you are working towards is to get out of debt and also to stay out of debt Remember this message YOU ARE THE KEEPER OF YOUR OWN MONEY……….Let me tell you about James Hanley. He was your typical working guy who like the rest of us, fell into the traps of our modern society.

He had a nice car with high payments. He went occasionally to some of the finest restaurants, was an occasional week-end drinker he also smoked, most of these habits were acquired because of others that he associated with.

Both at work and  through friends  and family. All the time not adding up the cost of  this unhealthy,expensive lifestyle.

Something had to change because like everthing in life your tastes become more expensive as you remain in your current social atmoshpere, and the peer presure can be over whelming at times because to remain part of the club you are required to do like -wise or you will be perceived as being different

This is your life so like most people you just follow along never questioning some of the habits that have been ingrained into your daily activities.

Anyway the un-thinkable happened to James. He lost his job and suddenly there was a stigma attached to his social activities.

His neigbours, his former work buddies, his buddies he hung out with at the pub and the hockey and football social clubs that he attended were at first sympathetic,

But after a few weeks this talk turned into other comments, such as well “I think James is a great guy , but he has just given up,” YES others would say He just does not want to try.

I think he has changed he no longer is freindly and out going”. He is not like the rest of us Look how he dresses he acts like he does not care anymore. He is acting like a looser, so I guess he has become a looser.

They had no idea what James was really going through. He could not believe that his world depended on the money, as long as the money was coming in he could effort this life style, and he was accepted as one of their own, now that he had lost his job everything was different.

It was like a really nice house built on sand, once the rains came it was all washed away. He began to realize that he was living a lie, and  soon he discovered that many others had fell through the cracks and had been forgotten by friends and family simply because they could not keep up with the Joneses.

It was trully an eye opener so he began to re-organize his life. Reducing and eliminating  cigarettes and alcohol not because he wanted too but mostly because he had too.

He realized that his rent and food and gas for his car came first. Soon he did not have the money for any car payments so that went away too.

He was left with the bare essentials. James struggled for months trying to make ends meet on his dwindling savings and any money he could scrounge up.

All his friends were gone and he soon realized that the world can be a strange lonely place.

Then something strange happened he got his old job back. Soon James was making money but he did not change his life style he began to save.

He knew that if it happened once it can happen again. He saved his emergency fund and soon after 16 months paid off all his debts including his Visa and Student Loans.

After 2 more years of saving He went and bought a house, which had a small 1st mortgage, he also paid cash for a car that was 5 years old.

He was able to trade up to a better car for the last 4 years he was driving a 15 year winter beater, now he was able to effort something better.
Soon his broke friends found out how well he was doing and wanted to know his secret but they were too scared and did not want to make the sacrifice that James made.

The lesson to all this is simple, start saving and cutting down your costs. Live on less and pay of your debts. You need to real and make the sacrifice.   IT CAN BE DONE

Written by Harry Joseph

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How Did I Get into So Much Debt ?

You  might have heard yourself say these words. Many times in the past not realizing that you need to take your debt seriously ” How Did I Get into So Much Debt ? “. You  may have felt trapped not knowing where to turn, you feel helpless and at the same-time you feel embarrassed and ashamed.

You thought you were smart and had a handle on your spending. You make good money, you work hard, yet for some reason you can’t get a head. After all you need a reliable car to get to work and you need to have those basic comforts of every day life, all these THINGS  you reason are needed, no one can survive without them.

You even use these same THINGS  as a measure of your success. The list can be endless new bedroom set, new living room furniture, a more updated car, cottage or vacation home, new outfits, new jewelry, and they keep telling you, that you need to keep buying new THINGS   because your old THINGS  keep breaking down,

What can you do.? The answer to all these questions is not as hard as it seems you need to make a plan to get out of debt. Not just any plan The PLAN  something that you can understand and apply to your situation. tart.

You need to talk to someone who is not trying to sell y new THINGS. You  have to come to the point in your life that you need help, you know you can’t go on living this way, You will end up broke, and left wondering where did all the money go?. Then you have come to the that right place.


I will show the steps you need to take to pay down your debt and to stay out  of debt for good. You need to wake up and realise that all these  commercials on the radio, the television, and your car radio, for you to buy this new car and this new house, to renovate  your home office or basement. These are things that will keep you in the poor house.

I will show you how to succeed and win at the money game, and you can feel really good about yourself as you realize that soon you will be debt free. I AM FREE!……. You will cry………FREE from my visa, FREE from car payments…..FREE from all the people telling me I need this and that.

Yes learn to live and be happy by being a kind giving person. There is a saying I ive by,  and it will reduce your stress level once you apply it your life.


Walk in peace, and learn to say no. You can still enjoy all your comforts plus you can buy high quality stuff not just the hyped up sales items you see on all the commercial ads. That’s all about what I talk about.

You will eat right and think right. You will begin to see that you can have everything you want. You just need to learn about the plan and how to apply it to your own life.

Just read all the current posts and pages on this website and you will begin to see just how easy it can be to turn your financial life around. It’s all about balance, you save some, spend some, and invest some.

I can  show you how it works

Harry Joseph…………………………………………..




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Welcome to Jashco, Highway of the Internet.  My name is Harry Joseph.  I am a writer and financial investigator, and my findings are original.

I have researched a lot of articles and books on financial matters from many different sources. So you will find a deep understanding of what works and what does not work.

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