Come Visit The Village Inn & Diner

Under the waves This is a great place to visit located at 7424 Lakeshore Road in Ravenwood Village just 15 minutes from Grand Bend, It  is right beside the number one beach in Ontario Ipperwash Beach also lots of great beaches nearby.

I had a chance to go visit this place and check to see what is under the waves, the folks at Village Inn Harry Hali and Jay were extremely friendly and the price for accommodation is excellent, including free WIFI and cable TV.

Also Jay’s Fish and Chips Diner  has  Live Entertainment  during the summer months it is a must  see attraction, you will not be disappointed in the how they have the place setup.

Stay today at Village Inn

I would say that the whole area is especially good for people visiting from Toronto, the GTA ,  and London areas, it is good for families and others   who are looking for a highly prestigious location that offers plenty to do and see.

Check out some of the following links to get an idea what the area is like, and again check out the fish and chips at Jay’s Diner.

Fun in the Sun


Sail Away to Jays Fish&Chips




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Computers often break down at the worst of all times. These problems can be averted, or at least minimized with preventive maintenance.

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